Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Reporting

The IOS BI (Business Intelligence) solution is an affordable, self-service business analytics and reporting solution for the wine and spirits industry. The product is cost-effective, easy to use, and quick to deploy as compared to other offerings in the industry. The IOS BI application provides real-time actionable information to effectively run your business. A user or group of users can query one location for information thus reducing time, improving accuracy, and reducing manipulation of data from multiple sources and spreadsheets.

The IOS BI Application Offers the Following Capabilities

  • Presents data through the ‘view’ concept.
  • Each ‘view’ has various key performance indicators.
  • A ‘view’ can be a user or a group.
  • Information is displayed in table, graph, or dashboard format.
  • Table ‘views’ allow for drill down into data.
  • Data can be exported to Excel or Word formats.
  • Pre-formatted and ‘ad hoc reports’ are available.
  • Pivot capability provides data manipulation.

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