Create an Invoice After Loading Truck

How to create an invoice for the order after loading the goods on the truck for drivers?

  • Click on “Today’s Order for delivery” button,
  • The driver can check order and go to the warehouse location and load the goods,
  • Click on “Stops” button here you will see Delivery stop for today
  • Select customer
  • Press “Finish All” button
  • Click on “Confirm Qty in truck” so the warehouse person will load the orders onto the truck
  • Click on “Submit” button
  • When it asks you “Mode of payment”, you can select the mode of payment from the drop down menu: Cash, Check, Credit Card
  • Click on “Add” button
  • It will ask for digital signature, add Signature
  • Click on “Save” button
  • The invoice will be shown as PAID, and the driver can check these invoices in the “Invoices” button in the Driver App.