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Improve Your Fleet’s Route Planning with Our Effective Radius360 – The Best Delivery Route Planner App

Route optimization and planning is important for improving your fleet operations. An effective delivery routing application ensures that your fleet is operating at maximum productivity and resources are not wasted. It works as a delivery route optimizer and improves the turnaround time, allowing you to take on more orders and increase your revenue. The delivery route optimization application helps your drivers to take the shortest route and avoid traffic. It helps lower fuel consumption, reducing your overall business expenses as well.

Timely cargo delivery will also lead to satisfied and happy customers and more repeat orders. The multi-stop route planner app is particularly useful when your drivers have to make multiple deliveries on their route. It helps drivers find the best and fastest route to their destinations.

Proper route management through a delivery route planning app can increase driver and truck safety. It also gives fleet managers a way to monitor their field employees and vehicle location at any time.

How Our Delivery Route Management App Works

Planning a route for cargo delivery is a complex mathematical problem. The delivery driver route planner software takes input about the start and end points and matches it against important factors that could affect the delivery. Factors include available routes, traffic density, weather conditions, construction/roadblocks, customer availability and loading/unloading times.

If you try to determine the best route manually, it can take you hours trying to solve and plan the route for a single vehicle. It is also possible that you forget to account for something important and end up with the wrong calculations. This would delay the operations of your employees and drivers on the field and leave your customer unhappy.

To solve this problem for business clients we came up with our own delivery route app for Android and iOS.

Effective Delivery Driver Route Planner

The Radius360 – Delivery Route Planner Application calculates the best route possible for fleet operators and freight carriers. With a few simple clicks and inputs, our delivery route optimizer can figure out the best routes for your fleet. You can also adjust the routes by entering additional critical factors into the app. The multi-stop route planner app on Android allows you to add multiple destinations for the trip and quickly calculates the ideal journey. It is a great route planner app for delivery drivers, helping them avoid traffic and make quicker deliveries every time!

The drivers can use the app to know exactly which route to take and avoid traffic. It ensures timely delivery and improves their safety as well. With the Radius360 multi-stop route planner app on Android and iOS, your drivers will never get lost and always drive on the most optimal routes, leading to greater business efficiency.

Opt for Radius360 Delivery Route Planner Application

If you are looking for a great multi-drop route planner free app for your business, then Radius360 is the app you need. This delivery route planner will significantly improve your fleet’s monitoring and route planning. Help your driving team deliver the best results for customers with the Radius360 App, the leading delivery route optimizer!

Save Costs on Fuel Consumption

Quick Delivery = Happy Customers

Improve Driver and Truck Safety

Efficient Planning to Fulfill More Orders

Monitor Your Fleet on the Ground

Please get in touch to discover the possibilities and get a demo on the Radius360 – Delivery Route Planner App.

Features of Radius360 – Delivery Routing Application

The Radius360 – Multi stop route planner app is a comprehensive solution that provides all the important functions you could need from a Route Management App. It was built with inspiration from Google maps delivery route planner but we have added special features that solve the unique problems faced by delivery drivers on a day-to-day basis.

  • Access and adjust route information for delivery.
  • Log unscheduled item returns or exceptions.
  • Streamline end-of-day check-in & reconciliation.
  • Record customer signature on our delivery route app for Android & iOS
  • Print out new or updated invoices at customer premises.
  • Modify and print invoices for customers at the delivery point.
  • Go completely paperless with the delivery route optimization application as can help you keep track of pickups and deliveries on your mobile.
  • Check multiple invoices at the same time.
  • Capture, manage and send the day’s delivery information to a central recording system.
  • Automated truck loading using the device’s camera as a scanner – Scanner not needed.
  • View delivery information that was previously recorded.
  • Update delivery completion information with our delivery route planning app.
  • Track and accept multiple types of payment including cash.
  • Scan the bar code on items for delivery accuracy.
  • Accept payments and log them in at the delivery point.
  • View the ALL STOP points for the route.
  • When loading trucks, items can be scanned through camera and loading can be performed based on the delivery plan for each driver.

Full Support and Updates for Radius360 – The Multi Address Route Planner App

The Radius360 – Multi Stop Route Planner Free App has been created with the help of input from fleet managers, carriers and cargo delivery companies. The delivery route planner application is continuously updated with new features based on the changing requirements of drivers and fleet operators. It is cross-platform compatible and can be used on iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can easily download it from online app stores.

The app is perfect for field operatives and delivery drivers as it can be downloaded and used from a mobile device. It makes use of the device scanner, camera, and satellite connectivity to deliver a complete solution from planning and tracking deliveries to accepting payments and generating reports.

If you have been using the Google Maps delivery route planner and found that app useful then you will love Radius360 – Route planner app.

We offer full support for new and existing customers that switch to the Radius360 route management app. Additional support features include data integration services with your other ERP software.

To find out more please get in touch with our service or download the app.

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