Difference between Big Data and Business Intelligence

Difference between Big Data and Business Intelligence

Wait…what? There’s a difference between Big Data and Business Intelligence? If you had a similar reaction to the title of this post, then you NEED to make one thing clear for the betterment of your business: Big Data and Business Intelligence don’t refer to the same thing, nor are they synonymous to each other. Let’s take a look what each of the two terms refers to:

Big Data

Big Data refers to the technology that is required for the processing of huge amounts of data. Actually, when you talk about Big Data, it not only refers to the technology required for processing huge amounts of data but also to the tech required for the purpose of capturing, processing and storing the data. Big Data thrives upon its ability of collecting data from several sources—both inside and outside the organization—and processing it in the hopes of producing meaningful information for the business. Considering how the sources of information are, at times, not credible and how the information might not always be relevant—it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the, mere, analysis of data can be pointless at times.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, on the other hand, refers to the usage of data for making business decisions. In other words, Business Intelligence refers to a system that collects, analyzes and reports data—in the form of meaningful information—for facilitating business decisions. Business Intelligence aids in business related decision making by giving the decision makers an up close and personal look into a business’ key performance indicators and how they can be best utilized for the growth of the business.

Specific Differences

Following are some of the obvious differences that exist between Big Data and Business Intelligence:

The Purpose

Both Big Data and Business Intelligence are meant for completely different purposes altogether. Big Data offers the user a chance to play with large volumes of disorganized information that may or may not be useful. Business Intelligence, on the other hand, presents the relevant information that might be pivotal for taking important business decisions.

The Utility

The utility offered by Business Intelligence is obvious, right? It helps you in ensuring that every business decision is THE best for your business. Big Data, on the other hand, has got the potential of helping you in deciphering such business-related questions that you didn’t even know existed. How? Well, it’s because Big Data exposes you to a large variety of data which may, or may not, be relevant. In going through that data, you might be able to uncover such aspects of your business which might have remained hidden if it wasn’t for Big Data.

Both Big Data and Business Intelligence have got something unique to offer to businesses, but if you had to choose one then Business Intelligence certainly appears to have an edge. If you’d like more insight on how Business Intelligence can propel your business, the experts at Indigo Olive would love to be of assistance!

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