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Enhance Your Store Deliveries and Customer Satisfaction with Radius360 – DSD Systems

Many retail and wholesale businesses are using direct store delivery (DSD) systems because it is quick, safer and more reliable than centralized distribution. Delivery is handled completely by the delivery staff without putting any burden on store staff. The DSD system also allows manufacturers and distributors to move products through their supply chain more quickly and frees up space.

DSD is more common in grocery stores and FMCG businesses due to the higher velocity of the supply chain. It was popularized by food and beverage manufacturers but it has been adopted by non-perishable manufacturers as well.

How It Works

In the DSD model, the manufacturer ships products to distributors who collect multiple inventories from different manufacturers and deliver them out to multiple retail stores in large shipments on a daily basis.

Retailers benefit from direct store delivery as it helps replenish products that are sold in large quantities and their stocks run out almost on a daily basis. Retail stores are designed to make it easier for the delivery team to directly unload the cargo in the storage area.

The Need for Radius360 – DSD Systems

The Radius360 – DSD management app makes the delivery team’s work very easy. It enables inventory tracking for the delivery company and makes it easier for drivers to record shipment loading and unloading with a simple barcode scan.

The DSD App lies at the heart of the delivery system. It allows real-time inventory management through integration with the central database. The software simultaneously updates field sales, inventory records, invoicing and payment collection.

The application also allows better communication between sales and delivery teams. The field staff can access and review records so that they can make on-premises sales and answer customer questions.

Above all, the DSD system App maximizes order and sales efficiency. Distributors with several delivery teams will find it easier to track field staff location and availability. They will also know which deliveries have been completed so that field teams can be rescheduled on new deliveries, generate on-site sales and fulfill last minute delivery requests.

Opt for Radius360 DSD Management App

Radius360 – DSD App will add efficiency to your deliveries. It offers a single-point monitoring, payment collection and delivery status tracking system for your business. Improve the on-site operations of your field team with Radius360 DSD App!

Excellent Field Team Communication

Happy and Satisfied Customers

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Generate and Fulfill On-Site Sales Orders

Integrates With Your CRM Database

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Features of Radius360 App

The Radius360 – DSD is easy to use and works on all kinds of mobiles devices. It offers the following features for businesses.

  • Accurate inventory tracking.
  • Re-stock and order booking at customer site.
  • Provides multilingual language support.
  • Allows printing of new or corrected invoices or credit bills at customer premises.
  • Payments can be accepted in cash, through checks or POS.
  • Perform end-of-day check-in and reconciliation.
  • Record, edit, and send information for delivery day.
  • Customer signature capture.
  • Override or adjust prices by product or customer.
  • Get access to key customer information, deliveries and order from anywhere.
  • Review previous delivery information.
  • Scan delivery bar codes for accurate delivery.
  • Share promotions and discounts with field staff to generate sales.
  • Update completed delivery records after every stop.
  • View multiple bills at the same time.
  • Authenticate product returns and order processing in-store.
  • Check quantity breaks, multiple price schedules, and promotional pricing.
  • Check ALL STOP destinations for the day.

Flexible & Mobile DSD App

The Radius360 – DSD App offers much better mobility and flexibility to manufacturers, retailers and distribution companies. The field staff for distributors can book orders on-site with retailers, update deliveries on the integrated database and access information on the system to improve delivery times.

The app is perfect for field operatives as it can be downloaded and used from a mobile device and removes the need for a scanner.

We offer full support for new and existing customers that switch to the Radius360 DSD system app. Additional support features include data integration services with your ERP software.

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