Effective Fleet Management for Streamlining Your Supply Chain

effective fleet management

Effective fleet management nowadays requires digital tools to streamline increasingly complex supply chains. With the help of effective fleet management software, you can be assured that your valuable resources are being used optimally to bring in maximum value. Turnaround times can be greatly improved allowing you to make a greater number of deliveries each day. This way, your revenue will increase since you can now execute more orders every day. 

Lower Expenses

Business expenses will also be reduced because fleet management software allows your vehicles to embark on the shortest routes which have the least traffic. You can, therefore, keep control over fuel expenses and also reduce your carbon emissions since less fuel is being consumed on these routes.   

Customer Satisfaction

Timely deliveries will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Subsequently, you will enjoy repeat orders and benefit from positive feedback. 


Fleet management software also allows you to keep track of vehicles. You can monitor your entire fleet and spot inefficiencies as they arise. Substantial improvements can be made to your supply chain operations as a result. Thefts can be virtually eliminated.

Better Safety

Drivers will also appreciate the use of this software since they can now bypass heavy traffic and make deliveries along the best routes in shorter times. Not only will their productivity be maximized, but they will also suffer lower fatigue and this will reduce the probability of catastrophic collisions and accidents that can cost your business in terms of both resources and reputation. 

Feature Rich

There are also several other features that increase productivity. Drivers can use this software to take electronic signatures from customers to confirm order delivery. Invoices can also be printed and modified at customer premises for maximum ease and convenience. Since this software has been specially designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of ERP systems your drivers can now make real-time updates. 

How It Works

Route management software employs mathematical modeling to plan routes for delivering cargo. The software will use starting point conditions as input and will also employ other factors that can have an effect on delivery time. These factors include loading/unloading times, weather conditions, traffic volume and length of the available routes. By optimizing route management, fleet management software reduces the burden of your responsibilities and allows you to focus your time and energy on other important areas. By automating the process of fleet management, the software reduces human involvement and subsequent errors that can create delays and decrease customer satisfaction. Your drivers and transport personnel will be able to do more in less time. With just a few simple clicks you can enjoy the benefits of using a highly automated fleet management system. You will be able to complete more orders thanks to highly efficient planning. 

There is so much that you can achieve with the Radius360 Route Management Application. Contact us today to get all the benefits of effective fleet management software.

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