How Live Analytics Help Companies in Retaining Customers

How Live Analytics Help Companies in Retaining Customers

A majority of the businesses are not interested in making single-transaction sales to their customers. Rather, businesses are focusing more on fostering such a relationship with their customers which might benefit them for a long time to come. Live analytics, if used correctly, can be important tools for creating such a relationship and retaining customers. Here’s why:

Tailored Marketing Campaigns

Gone are the days when companies followed generalized marketing plans and strategies for catering to a variety of customers. With the evolution of business marketing, most businesses—especially the ones operating in the technology sector—are constantly busy in the development of tailored marketing campaigns and specialized content so that they might be able to touch their customers on a more personal level.

But how do we gauge the performance of a specific marketing stunt? Well, it has been made possible through live analytics. All businesses need to do is track the responses on a specific campaign, from marketing automation application, against the sales order data. This is a great way of differentiating between marketing campaigns that are monetizing and marketing campaigns that require prompt changes in order to retain the targeted customers.

Track Customer Sentiment

Well, all of us habitual of seeing customers complaining about a company’s products or services on online forums, right? Well, wouldn’t it be a big plus for a business if it is able to track these forums and is able to cater to the complaints of the aggravated customers? Wouldn’t it help the company in retaining its customers, for the only thing that the customers wish for is to be heard, right? Businesses can achieve is end by connecting their analytics systems with CRM applications, for the purpose of tracking the general sentiments of the customers.

Additionally, businesses can set up dashboards for this purpose, to gather customer feedback from different channels in an attempt to ensure that the future strategy of the business is formulated in light of the complaints and complaints of the customers. This will not only be beneficial for company-customer relationship but boost customer loyalty as well. I mean…what kind of a customer wouldn’t like a business that keeps a track on their online feedback?

Web Content Analytics

Live analytics also includes the web content performance monitoring systems. What this means is that you’ll be able to detect clicking patterns, on-site search history and navigation patterns. All of this can give you an important insight into what the general customer likes or dislikes. When you combine this with the results of the sales data, you can devise an effective strategy for the purpose of customer retention. It is because you will be able to detect the issues that might be tripping the customers on your business’ website. Often these issues are easy to fix but remain undetected, causing potential customers to leave your website. This is not only, therefore, for retaining customers but for attracting newer ones as well.

Live analytics are only a small part of what Business Intelligence has got to offer to your business. If you’re looking for advice on you might be able to make use of Business Intelligence better, Indigo Olive would love to be of service!

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