How Direct Store Delivery Software Improves Customer Satisfaction

direct store delivery

Wholesale and retail businesses are increasingly turning towards direct store delivery software since it can reduce delivery times and, therefore, improve customer satisfaction. As businesses are finding out, DSD software reduces the burden on warehousing personnel and delivery staff. By facilitating quicker and more reliable delivery of goods, DSD software can allow wholesalers and retailers to reduce their inventory levels. This reduces inventory costs, frees up warehouse space, and lowers the storage requirement of businesses. This translates to big savings in rental expenses and investment.

Benefits of Direct Store Delivery Software


DSD software is particularly helpful for businesses that deal in fast moving consumer goods. For such businesses, time is of the essence and all possible steps must be taken to bring down delivery times. DSD software can also help to reduce supply chain complexity and streamline fleet management. Vendors that must receive inventory from multiple manufacturers and deliver them to several customers will find DSD software to be highly beneficial.

Retailers, in particular, will gain a lot from DSD software since they will suffer fewer instances of depleted inventory levels. Very often, the inventory of retailers must be replenished on a daily basis and they, therefore, need a viable software solution to effectively manage rapidly fluctuating inventory.

Simplified Order Entry

DSD software improves the performance of delivery personnel since it allows them to track their delivery times and keep in line with the delivery schedule. It also simplifies their work since loading and unloading only requires barcode scan to automatically update inventory in the ERP. Order entry can often be time-consuming since the company may have to take several orders in one day so a solution is needed to streamline this process. Without the help of automated DSD software, manual entries must be made into the accounting system and this can create the likelihood of expensive errors. This time-consuming process can be conveniently automated by DSD software.

DSD software also integrates seamlessly with other systems of the organization thus allowing updates in real-time and remote access. With greater connectivity across the board, your organization can coordinate better and work together more efficiently.

Track Stock Levels

Direct Store Delivery software solutions can improve the supply chain capabilities of businesses in several ways. Companies that have to contend with fast-moving supply chain face a large number of outstanding shipments at the day’s end and this hampers their daily operations. DSD software can help to ameliorate this problem. It is now very easy and convenient for suppliers to accurately track inventory levels and make quick deliveries when stocks fall below critical levels. By integrating with your inventory database, the DSD app can allow delivery personnel to make real-time changes to inventory even from remote locations.

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