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    Radius 360 Sales Rep Tracking App - Best Apps for Sales Reps

    Radius360 Is A Powerful Sales Rep Application That Helps Your Sales Team Deliver Measurable Positive Results

    The sales management tools offered by Radius360x are aimed at improving sales force solutions for businesses in a variety of industries. We have integrated cloud connectivity with our salesforce mobile app that will allow your sales team to quickly create new customer accounts, update existing client data and book orders on the go. The Radius360x salesforce application can be operated through mobile devices and it is the perfect sales automation software that allows real-time sales update for your business. They can update the customer database through sales management tools and know exactly when to target the right customer at the right time to get the most out of the sales force tracking app.

    Boost Sales – Increase Revenue

    Salesforce applications and sales automation tools give businesses the ability to improve their customer order and delivery process and improves brand image. A sfa sales force automation tool helps businesses reduce costs by removing inefficiencies in the sales process.

    Salesforce automation systems and functions allow the creation of new customer accounts with contact details.

    Reduce Manual Order Errors

    Product information, SKU, price along with available inventory are available for selection which reduces errors by pre-filling information by mere selection.

    Option for booking new orders for clients.

    Imagine living in a world where you have achieved almost perfect understanding of what your customers want. Your sales personnel can books order using a sales rep tracking app, order guide helps needs of customer.

    Sales tracking software features allow your team members to access the order history of customers, top items customer is buying.Show customers the top selling items that they can use as well as products offered by the business.

    Auto reminders for customer contacts.

    Call Plan helps auto reminder client visit on weekly or monthly basis. Never miss an opportunity ever. Set days client prefer your sales rep visits

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    Start Using Radius360 Today – The Best Sales Rep Application

    Do you want to improve sales results for your business?

    Help your sales team take your business to the next level with one of the best apps for sales reps in the market!

    Boost Sales – Increase Revenue

    Reduce Manual Order Errors

    Increase Sales Reps Productivity

    Best Sales Rep Application

    Please get in touch with our service to discover the powerful features of our salesforce optimizer and get a demo on how we can boost your sales management system with Radius360.

    The B2B Sales Management System

    The comprehensive CRM from Radius360 is a sales intelligence app. The sales rep tracking app makes it easier for businesses to identify and segment their clients based on past sales data and customer preferences. Our sales automation software can be used to understand what segments are generating the majority of sales for the business so that your sales team can work on improving those areas.

    Customer information can be categorized through built-in sales automation tools to build a meaningful portfolio of major business clients. Detailed customer segmentation can make it easier to create specialized products-based on customer preferences.

    The salesforce tools in Radius360 app will help your sales team understand how much money your B2B customers are willing to spend on your products and services. Pertinent sales data stored in the sales management application can be used to identify profitable products to focus on. Our salesforce optimizer will help your business create convincing marketing strategies for customers that only want to spend a low amount on your products and services.

    Features of Radius360 Salesforce Mobile App

    The Radius360 is a powerful sales rep application that offers the following features for clients.

    • Salesforce automation functions allow the creation of new customer accounts with contact details.
    • Option for booking new orders for clients.
    • Auto reminders for customer contacts.
    • Sales Reps can plan their day’s activity with a call plan on the sales management software.
    • Client visits route planning based on a map with directions and a short distance.
    • Fix days to visit repeat customers.
    • Sales tracking software features allow your team members to access the history of orders from customers
    • Read Accounts Receivable and outstanding customer balance to improve collections for the company.
    • Create special notes about client requirements.
    • Read client review about the services provided by another Sales Rep.
    • Additional salesforce tools include an option to read product reviews from clients.
    • Read and update the complete catalog of products and show it to customers on site for ordering.
    • Show clients product reviews from previous clients.
    • Give customers the option to compare different products while on their site.
    • Show customers the top selling items that they can use as well as products offered by the business.
    • Sales Reps can fix their own sales targets.
    • Sales team members can see how they are progressing against the company’s fixed targets.
    • Review the total sales they have made, categorized by cash total, by each customer and by-product.
    • Review the commission earned so far.
    • Generate customized reports for each sales rep and based on company requirements.

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    Radius360x App have dramatically improved my business and helped give us an advantage over our competition. Their knowledge of IT & Accounting is unique, and allows us to automate & streamline our operations dramatically. Instead of waiting weeks for information I literally have it the next day..
    Joseph H
    Indigo Olive have been a tremendous asset to our fast growing company. when our sales were growing quickly and they have been able to help us automate our systems and provided awesome reporting functions so we can manage the business better and stay focused on solving problems and building in other areas. They created a very strong analytics platform that has helped shape the way we view the business and even how we communicate with each other. We are more efficient and get to the root cause of issues quicker so we can start developing solutions. I would highly recommend…
    Joe M
    It's a pleasure working with them. Their team is knowledgeable, competent and adaptable which is important to us as a small business. I highly recommend them…
    They've been super supportive and helpful. Whenever I've had problems understanding anything, the live chat is there to support patiently; they are knowledgeable and friendly. I talk with them often! I can't say enough how helpful they are. I wish I knew how to use all of it. There's always a new function that it can do to save me time. Since I don't have a team, software streamed our functions…
    John Robinson
    Indigo Software really does automate your business which allows a business to work more efficiently. It also allows a business owner to have a birds-eye-view of all the activity in their business which is crucial for business growth! I got hooked by the features they have added. Love the easy to use and best part of they handle multi state QuickBooks Sync…