Mission Statement

Indigo Olive is a leading developer of robust, innovative and cutting edge platforms. We provide business intelligence with unprecedented control over work flow, sales force automation, delivery, and management solutions. We help our clients deliver high value to their businesses.

We Connect the Field to the Firm

These software solutions integrate seamlessly with a wide array of ERP platforms to allow real-time data synchronization and wider collaboration that will streamline business processes and reduce operating costs. Due to high compatibility, enterprises can effortlessly install Indigo Olive’s software platforms in tandem with existing IT infrastructure and gain higher returns on technological investments. Indigo Olive’s platforms can also operate effectively as stand-alone solutions, if required.

What We Do?

Indigo Olive’s suite of real-time applications empowers wholesale distribution and supply chain companies to deliver high performance and remain highly competitive. These software products purvey easy wireless access to relevant enterprise data for all off-premises and on-premise personnel either in a connected or disconnected environment. As such, these technologies provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to improve productivity and increase revenue while reducing overall costs.

Sales Force Automation

The diverse range of all-encompassing tools allows enterprises to meet all of their sales function needs. Cloud-based online order entry tools allow sales personnel to place customer orders, check inventory, review pricing, check order status and order history from any device and any operating system. Since data is synchronized in real-time with the back office system, inventory information is always timely and accurate. This helps in reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Scheduling features, planning, route management, target information, updated sales summary, rapid order placements and a highly convenient intuitive user interface will maximize productivity of sales representatives. Indigo Olive’s wide spectrum of sales automation applications can accommodate every facet of sales function.

With these applications, the entire customer history and transaction details are readily available to sales personnel on their mobile devices. This leads to productive client engagement for higher satisfaction and increased customer retention.

Cloud-based entry platform will prove invaluable to a growing customer base and will compliment expanding sales function by lowering cost of sales. This is a perfect solution for B2B order placements that will afford maximum convenience to customers. The retail, e-commerce version is also available to accommodate customers and offer them a rewarding user experience.

Business Intelligence

Whether it is an executive level-view or a highly focused view of a key enterprise segment, the Business Intelligence program provides convenient and comprehensive coverage of all pertinent data to offer incisive cues that drive smart business decisions.

Planning, forecasting, budgeting and analysis are facilitated sufficiently through highly visual graphical data presentation, making discerning key trends easier.

Executives and directors can now conveniently access automatically generated reports and summaries instantly without having to rely on manually prepared reports. This prevents delays, thereby positively influencing operations through timely decisions.

Fleet Management

With fleet management tools, managing complex supply chain operations conveniently is now more intuitive and easier than ever before. Live monitoring and surveillance of delivery vehicles enables management to cut costs, streamline operations, enhance productivity and exercise full control over operations.

Our products are the perfect symbiosis that enables businesses to orchestrate high-level Client Relationship Management. With our products, businesses will be able to achieve:

  • Higher rate of customer satisfaction.
  • Lower costs.
  • Increased sales performance.
  • Higher accuracy for orders and invoices

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Indigo Olive has worked with some of the top distribution and manufacturing businesses with complex supply chains. We can help your business with a comprehensive inventory and data management app that updates entries in real-time.
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