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We have a wide array of products which can interlink or individually support the sales process. We have identified areas where distributors face challenges in their daily sales activities. From scheduling calls & visits to your retailers, taking new orders, real-time inventory, warehouse management, delivery route optimization to a lot more. Email sales orders, purchase orders, product catalogs and invoices directly to your clients in less than 3 clicks. We make your sales process hassle free by automating it according to your business needs.

You can now manage your warehouse updates such as truck picking, loading, returned goods and drivers from our application.

A strong BI Reporting dashboard aims to assist you in strategic decision making. Identify top selling products, employee performance reports, sales reports and much more.

Indigo Olive is a customer centric company. We are here to be your backbone by helping you automate your sales and delivery process. Get onboard now for a personalised sales experience

Our CEO’s Message
Shashi Kumar Bansal
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Our Company aims to automate sales and delivery processes for small & medium scale businesses and provide a hassle free solution in managing your team on the field . We focus on innovation, technology adoption, and building long-lasting relationships through our services.

At Indigo Olive Software, we have a passionate and energetic team that is prepared and equipped towards providing excellent customer support. We believe in a shared vision with our clients. Striking a balance between our core values and their requirements has allowed us to collaborate and give desired results.
Our goal is to pioneer the sales automation industry and disrupt the tiring manual process.
We’ve been helping businesses leverage technology towards managing their sales, warehouse and streamlining operations. Our powerful analytics dashboard has helped management take strategic decisions and alter their existing functions to more cost effective solutions.

Customers are the heart of our organisation.

“Connecting your firm to the field”

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