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Data driven decisions: Why and How?


Make smart moves with data driven decisions

The distribution industry has long moved on from traditional methods of doing business and incorporated technology in most of its functions. It is the time of online ordering, social media marketing, collecting relevant data, automation, and more innovations that help a business flourish. Smart decision-makers should no longer be dependent on guesswork or gut feeling when it comes to making decisions for the company. The necessity to make data driven decisions does not only apply to the big decisions, it is also important while making small routine ones. Not to mention that making informed decisions saves time, money, and effort by preventing trial and error. Keep on reading to know more about the importance of using data to make decisions. 

Relying on guesswork in the decision-making process can result in wastage of time and effort. Do your business a favor. Avoid the guesswork and rely on accurate data to move forward. Data driven decision making is the process of using metrics, data, and facts to make strategic business decisions in order to achieve organizational goals. 

Decision like: 

  • How to progress with the marketing campaign
  • What products are trending 
  • Which prospects to focus on 
  • How to minimize delivery time 
  • Inventory management 
  • Supply chain optimization 
  • Where to invest 
  • Optimizing selling time 
  • Best source for getting new clients 

Thorough analysis of data is necessary for decisions like the above ones. Sure, you can make some qualitative decisions with the help of your intuition, but measurable decisions need data to back them up. The best way is to find the perfect balance between gut feeling and data analysis and then analyze the whole picture. Collect data related to important KPIs and analyze it to improve any part of your business that needs it. Small, intelligent decisions when executed together lead to increased profit for your company. 

Free photo data analysis marketing business report concept

Why is it important to make data driven decisions? 

It is essential to do so because data helps make smart decisions. You can make better sales projections, develop successful marketing campaigns, attract suitable customers, sell your inventory, and even keep your customers satisfied and happy. After all, happy customers become repeating customers which converts into an increase in revenue for the business. Another important thing to note is that data driven decisions make past and present performances comparable and can help in finding the loopholes. It can also make projections for the future so that you work accordingly. 


You can analyze your target customers’ preferences, needs, style, etc. Everything you need to personalize your marketing campaign according to them. The bottom line is you can get the best results in any operation you execute by using your data in the right way. Most companies have huge amounts of information running in their systems, but they don’t know how to leverage it. Don’t make this common mistake. Use the information. Make relevant decisions. Get the results you want. 


But how? 

You might be thinking, but how can you analyze all the different data coming from various departments of your business? It is normal to ask this as it is extremely difficult to compile and analyze the huge amount of information flowing through your systems. It gets easy, you just need to have the right tools at your disposal. You need to have a helping hand that’ll convert the raw data into readable reports. Decision-makers can focus on using their innovative minds to make strategies. They shouldn’t have to worry about making reports through scratch. 

Our Business Intelligence dashboard has already helped our clients to analyze their business data properly for making better data driven decisions. Want to take your business to new heights? Leverage your data and make informed decisions. The benefits of our solution are that you can generate actionable business reports based on the latest real-time data. These reports consist of easy to read and analyze graphical and diagrammatic representations of your data. Making data driven decisions with the help of our BI dashboard can become your key to success. It helps you to use the information running in your systems in the most efficient way. Contact us for a demo and we’ll be sure to amaze you.

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