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Sales reps of the future 


The distributor sales reps of the future are here

Your sales reps can do more purposeful work while technology takes care of the repetitive and mundane tasks. One of the core tasks of a distributor sales rep is to talk to retailers and help them grow their retail business. Because their product selling well means more orders for you in the future. The quality of this core task is often compromised when administrative work burdens sales reps. But this is gradually changing. Robust sales solutions empower sales reps and make their tasks more manageable, efficient, and faster. 


Let’s look at some tasks where a sales rep’s time should not go: 

  1. Counting inventory manually
  2. Taking and entering orders
  3. Waiting around for checks 
  4. Chasing payments
  5. Filling up bulky paperwork 
  6. Re-entering data 
  7. Recording sales 

Above mentioned tasks and similar ones are examples where traditional sales reps potentially waste their time. These duties outweigh them and stop them from pitting in creative work and creating innovative sales strategies. It was the need of the hour to reallocate sales reps’ time by supercharging them with advanced tools. 


Technologies that are a boon to the sales reps are: 

  • E-Commerce 

Customers get what they want conveniently through eCommerce. The mechanism saves a lot of time for sales reps. The buyers can order directly from the website, and the sales reps don’t have to waste their time in mundane order-taking. They can use this time to build better customer relationships and prospect new buyers. Your sales reps are not solely order takers.

In contrast, they are supposed to be product and sales experts. They should be consulting customers on products, advising them on how to grow their business, and equipping them with the right tools to invest their time in productive and high-priority tasks. 


  • Cloud technology 

Cloud technology has made sales jobs flexible. Salespeople can access data from anywhere, i.e., they don’t have to stick to their desks or be in the office to access data. Cloud technology is incredibly empowering for a field sales team. They can access data anytime through any device. The world of mobile sales has been possible with the help of the cloud. It also eliminates errors and delays resulting from manual processes. Cloud also makes sudden outbursts of growth easier to handle as the sales team can communicate easily and automate routine processes. The cloud keeps all information in one place, and record keeping is automated. With all records organized in one place, sales forecasts become easy and efficient. Cloud technology increases data security and speed in workflows.   


  • Live sharing of data 

There is no doubt that real-time data provides valuable insights into the whole sales process. Real-time data analysis lets the sales reps know the correct time to reach out to prospects so that sales reps get the most out of their efforts. With real-time data, sales reps can track every sales campaign or strategy your sales team has executed. For example, a sales rep can analyze the performance of an email campaign by viewing metrics like opening rate, reading time, etc. The real-time tracking of things motivates sales reps and helps them become more productive. Besides the advantages of real-time data in prospecting and converting clients, sales reps can also see how much inventory is coming in or going out. Additionally, live data gives way to immediate action taking. All problems can be detected and solved as soon as they arise. 



These technologies are the ones that have made the traditional sales reps supercharged and ready for the future. The future sales reps are here, equipped with advanced tools and technology to help them deliver better results. Leaders have recently discussed the importance of automation and technology in sales. Every company in the market is trying to digitize its sales process to grow and accelerate its revenue. The future sales reps know how to get their repetitive and mundane tasks done through technology. While you are on the topic of supercharging sales reps and preparing them for the future, look at supporting applications for your order booking process.  

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