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How to increase employee retention rate at your company


By Nivedita Verma for Radius360x  

What is the employee retention rate?  

Employee retention rate is an organization’s ability to retain its employees. Increasing employee retention rate reduces employee turnover rate. If a business’s employee turnover rate is high then it results in resource wastage for the company. A high retention rate builds a team that takes the load of growing the company on their shoulders.  

Retaining top performers is important if you want your company to grow 

Here are some tips that you can use to increase your employee retention rate.  

1. Focus on your employees’ career development

Support your employees in their journey of career development. Keep challenging them with projects, train them, support them in their educational endeavors, etc. Most employees want to keep growing in their respective career field.  

2. Offer benefits and perks

Perks apart from the compensation may be more valuable than you think. Benefits like health insurance, corporate discounts, coffee at the workplace, mental well-being counseling, etc. can help increase your retention rate.  

3. Give space for work-life balance

Don’t reach out to your employees during non-working hours. Encourage your employees to take proper rest periods. Employees will also be more productive when they are well-rested.  

4. Provide flexible working conditions 

Post pandemic, many employees have become more comfortable with working from home and flexible work hours. You are more likely to retain employees when you give flexible working conditions to them.  

5. Have recognition systems at the workplace

Recognition systems make your employees feel seen and appreciated. They are a way of telling your employees that their contribution is valued. For example, colleagues can nominate each other for employee of the month.  

6. Foster respect and inclusivity

All employees want to be respected and included. They would stay for longer in a place where they are respected rather than staying in a disrespectful environment no matter how good the company is. Click here to find out how to make your workplace more inclusive.  

7. Connect with your team

This can help create a bond between the employer and employees. You can connect with your team by hosting celebrations outside of work. Converse with your employees to know them on an individual level. Building real connections pays off in the long term.  


Companies try so hard to hire good candidates but that is of no use if they are not able to retain them. Increasing your employee retention rate helps bring ROI in the long term. It saves resources for the company. Training new employees often due to high turnover rate results in wastage of time and money.  

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