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Technology creates a win-win for distributors, retailers, and customers


Technology is beneficial to retailers, distributors, and consumers alike

Do you know how technology is benefiting distributors, retailers, and customers? Let us take you through the perks that evolving technology is giving to the three. The main aim of distributors and retailers in any industry is to work efficiently and serve customers better. Technology is the answer to achieve this aim. 

It is nothing new to say that technology increases efficiency and productivity. It also helps to speed things up by automating routine tasks. Technology helps businesses to scale up and manage increasing orders easily.

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Let’s see how technology help distributors, retailers, and customers:

  • Automation leads to higher productivity

Distributors and retailers are a part of the product distribution chain. The end product goes to the customer. Accurate products being in the retailers store on time depends on the distributor. Automation technology helps distributors by streamlining business functions and making workflows easy to manage. A distributor can automate repetitive tasks and focus more on expanding the business. Automation increases efficiency of both the retailers and distributors and helps to provide better service to the customer. Technology saves time and helps to speed up processes which is essential in today’s fast world. Today, order fulfillment time is a crucial factor while deciding who to buy from. The key to speeding things up is streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency. 

  • Online ordering 

Online ordering helps the customers to order at any given point as per their convenience. It also reduces a bunch of administrative work for the sales reps of distributors. Digitization of the order taking process also makes the sales process paperless and records everything automatically in a digital form. Sales reps have access to all records with just a few clicks.  

Retailers benefit from online ordering when they order as per their convenience from a distributor through their devices. Additionally, when the order taking and fulfillment process is digitized, the buyer can track their order in real-time and the seller is also able to give better customer service by showing real-time order updates to the buyer

  • Better customer service

Customers and retailers expect fast deliveries and if you want to stay competent then fast deliveries are a must. Technology helps distributors and retailers give fast deliveries to their respective buyers. As automation streamlines all workflows like order taking, processing and fulfilling, the process of order fulfillment is faster. Technological solutions save time and increase the efficiency of the seller. 

Live inventory updates save retailers and distributors from situations like overstocking and understocking. Also, a lot of administrative paperwork is eliminated when inventory is counted digitally. Technological solutions save time and increase the efficiency of the seller.  

When distributor sales reps are freed of administrative work, they can focus more on building meaningful relationships with the retailers. This way a long-term value is created, and the distributor can grow their business easily. Allow your sales reps to create innovative sales strategies and be product experts. Burdening them with work that can be automated may hold the business back from reaching to new heights. 

  • Multi-cloud computing 

Multi cloud computing means that distributors are relying on more than one cloud vendor to meet their technical needs. Additionally, distributors get more customization options when they are not dependent on only one cloud provider. This model is also called a hybrid cloud system. Using the cloud allows businesses to scale up easily, be more agile and reduce cost. The well-known benefits of cloud technology are data accessibility from anywhere and at any given point of time. It makes communication between teams easier. Cloud technology also automates the recording of documents and reduces paperwork.

  • BI 

Lastly, taking decisions with the help of a business intelligence dashboard helps distributors to grab growth opportunities. With the help of data, informed decisions can be taken. It helps them to identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can provide better service to the retailers. BI tools prove to be great help while making decisions that’ll affect the whole product distribution cycle. It makes data analysis easier through graphical and diagrammatic representations. Decision-makers make better sales forecasts and projections with the help of BI. 


Technology helps distributors and retailers to attain more productivity with improved customer service. It aids in moving the product chain with efficiency and smoothness. It also helps to reduce supply chain disruptions. Technology creates a win-win situation for all. 

We at Radius360x supply distributors with sales and delivery automation solutions. Our offline mobile application helps the distributor, field sales reps to give greater results to the distributors. They can be productive on the field too with the help of our solutions. We also give distributors the features of live updates related to sales and inventory so that they are aware of the whole picture at all times. 

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