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Better customer experience with ecommerce 

Is the traditional system of ordering working fine for you? It may work well for a limited number of customers, limited area, and limited sales orders. Scaling up with the traditional ordering system would require you to hire a bunch of employees every time you face a growth spurt. Is hiring that many people feasible? You’ll have to lay them down again when you have no sales in the off season. 

Expanding your business or handling growth spurts with a traditional ordering and accounting system is full of hassle, manual effort, errors, and extra costs. A business may not be able to handle these challenges without losing profit. You have to give your buyers a fast and efficient ecommerce platform where they can place orders as many times they want. The more convenience you give to your buyers, the more loyal they become to your company. They too are managing a lot of customers of their own and probably have a mirage of things to manage with the holiday season going on. You can show that you care about their ease-of-life and give them a simplified ordering process. 

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Your customers want a better ordering system

An ecommerce platform allows you to have control over what information is viewable for your customers. When your customer login to their customer portal, they’ll be able to see the products available to them and the prices. Manual errors like buying someone else’s stock or quoting a wrong price will be eliminated when you put an ecommerce platform in place. 

You’ll be able to manage multiple sale accounts at a time and also avoid ordering mistakes. Your customers will be impressed by the efforts you are making to make ordering easy and fast. The best example of increased orders is the holiday season. Your customers(retailers) want to take care of their customers in the holiday season and meet their increased demand. They’ll appreciate the extra effort you are putting in to make ordering hassle-free for them. Knowing that something better has been arranged for them, they’ll become a loyal and repeating customer of yours. 

You may think that the holiday season is not the time to set up a new system, but you are wrong. It is the peak time for your business and the most crucial time to get orders right, deliver them on time, making recording easy, and making every process efficient. 

However, the acceptance of an online ordering system may also depend on the age of your customers. Young buyers will be keen to move to a better and advanced system while the older retailers might prefer the traditional one. You can tackle this acceptance challenge by providing a simple UI and training modules suitable for all age groups. 


Integrate QuickBooks with your ecommerce system

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software for ecommerce businesses. It integrates smoothly with the ecommerce platform and streamlines accounting and ordering functions. Your customers would be able to place orders from tehri devices. Then those order entries will automatically be recorded in QuickBooks as per the payment mode. 

QuickBooks is sort of mainstream among distributor and wholesale businesses but providing retailers with an easy-to-use ecommerce platform is the next challenge. You can check out our Radius360x ecommerce platform. It is user-friendly and easy to deploy. Contact us and we’ll help you out in setting up your own ecommerce platform. 


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