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Indigo Olive Software Products


Radius360x Sales Rep Application

  • Powerful sales force solutions
  • Integrated cloud connectivity
  • Mobile app with ease of usage
  • Schedule Call Plan
  • Order Guide
  • Real-time sales updates
  • Warehouse Management
  • Real time inventory
  • Customized Catalog
  • Order Picking and Loading Updates

Radius360x Delivery Route Partner Application

  • Best route possible for fleet operators
  • Adjust the routes by entering additional critical factors
  • Multi-stop route planner
  • Go paperless
  • Manage your fleet on ground
  • Automate Truck Loading
  • Return and Pickup damaged goods effectively
  • Quickly calculate the ideal journey
  • Customize route with filters

Radius360x Business Intelligence- Insight Dashboard

  • Self-service business analytics
  • Industry reporting solution
  • Real-time actionable information
  • Track Customer behavior
  • Centralized repository
  • Better sales projections as well as forecasts
  • Customer History of purchases
  • Trending products/ top selling
  • No sale customers/ exception report
  • Employee efficiency report
  • Real time inventory

Radius360x Vendor Depletion

  • Designed specifically for wholesalers/ vendors/ suppliers.
  • Fully integrated with the IOS Sales Briefcase
  • Eliminate application set-up, interface, or implementation costs.
  • Detailed Sales reports by the premise, account, or sales representative.
  • Brand-specific depletion reports.

Radius360x E-Commerce Solution

  • Friendly consumer Interface
  • Easy add to cart option
  • Product lists
  • Customized Integration as per client needs

Indigo Olive’s Suite of real-time applications empowers wholesale, distribution, and supply chain companies to deliver high performance and drives towards attaining higher returns. These software products purvey easy wireless access to relevant enterprise data for all off and on-premise personnel. These features provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to improve productivity and increase revenue while reducing overall costs.