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Radius360x Delivery Route Partner Application

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The feature generates the shortest, most optimized route for your deliveries so that they can be completed in time with efficiency. You can save on fuel costs by saving road time. Customer satisfaction increases with timely deliveries. Radius 360x helps your drivers Update completed delivery records after every stop. When loading trucks, items can be scanned through a camera, and loading can be performed based on the delivery plan for each driver. The application also gives you real-time updates of your package in the warehouse right from the order placement to its loading. This helps in better warehouse management. With Google map integration, you can also plan routes with multiple stops. You can add critical factors like traffic, road congestion, etc., to adjust routes accordingly. Live updates at the time of truck loading, invoicing, and delivery helps you keep better track of goods. Bubble Graphic points - 1. Multi stop Route Planner 2. Cost effective Routes 3. Manage your fleet on ground 4. Real time updates of package 5. Reduced delivery time