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Indigo Olive is a leading sales management, delivery automation, and warehouse mobile app developer. We provide sales and manufacturers app solutions for businesses in the distribution, manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries.

Delivery Automation

  • Our professional developers and system designers have been creating distributors mobile apps development and ERP services for over 18 years. Our team has built dozens of distributor apps, data analysis tools and process management databases for clients. Our specialization lies in building warehouse management software such as warehouse automation mobile apps and sales and delivery automation solutions.
  • We have helped scores of warehouse automation companies deploy and integrate mobile ordering, scanning and distributor consumer management system for their business. Our experts can do the same for you!
  • If you are looking to use advanced sales and delivery automation solutions to improve and expedite your delivery management, ordering, and tracking systems, then get in touch with our app development service today.

Why Choose Indigo Olive?

Our cloud-based digital tracking, ordering and reporting tools can significantly streamline the automatic delivery systems for businesses. We have been working with warehousing businesses and distributors for a long time and completely understand the challenges and problems they face in their day-to-day operations.

We offer distributors app solution that improve operational efficiency and productivity for our clients.

Distributor Consumer Management System

We are also engaged in the sales and marketing agencies app development process. Our sales force apps make it easier to manage your customers, inventory and sales database. We make it easier for businesses to update client orders and generate more revenues through a sales warehouse management strategy.

We complement the sales process through the automated parcel delivery app and warehouse mobile app that can be synchronized with existing sales management software.

Distributor Apps

You can improve the inventory tracking and delivery process with our route management app. It uses cloud-connectivity and satellite data to help businesses plan their fleet routes efficiently and helps you cut down costs.

You can also add the feature to let your customers track their order, delivering better service to clients.

Sales Management Apps

We offer customized solutions for businesses that want to make the best use of mobile apps for their sales functions. Our sales, warehousing, and delivery management apps are designed for compatibility across multiple platforms.

Our apps offer quick and efficient communication with customers. They will improve lead nurturing and enhance the marketing efforts for your business through automated customer contacts and relevant marketing tools.

Build Better Supply Chains and Deliver Orders on Time with Effective Distributor Apps

Today, everyone has a mobile device with scanners, cameras, and fast connectivity. Our powerful distributor apps use these built-in mobile features to improve business operations for distribution, manufacturing, and warehouse automation companies. The tools enhance the functional capacity of field staff, delivery drivers and sales team by allowing them to update inventory through on-site adjustments.

For instance, our warehouse automation mobile app allows workers to access inventory records, client information, and price discounts and helps them increase sales through quick order processing.

Businesses that are not using on-site data scanning and reporting tools or distributors’ app solutions run the risk of going obsolete as their competitors are already using advanced data scanning and reporting tools. Failing to build a strong digital platform through a warehouse management system will leave your business less productive than competitors. You will be at a disadvantage in your efforts to attract customers to your business if your inventory tracking doesn’t offer the basic services that most customers today expect as a given.

Sales and Warehouse Automation Solutions for Improving Sales and Distribution

The online sales and delivery automation solutions come in a variety of distributors’ mobile apps. Some of these tools are more effective as manufacturers’ app solutions while others are more suited for the operational side of the business for warehouse automation companies. Your choice of tools should depend on your industry and business requirements.

The experts at Indigo Olive offer extensive sales and marketing agencies app development solutions for businesses. We can help you identify and build the best warehouse management software and data tools for your business.

Deploying our distributor apps will help you get the best results from your sales and field operations teams. We offer assistance at every stage of upgrade and deployment of warehouse mobile apps and tools; from data recording, tracking and adjustment to data analysis and inventory management.

Want to check out some of the popular sales tools that we offer?

Please visit the products page for a complete list of our products. If you need a customized application developed for your specific supply chain management and storage needs then please get in touch with our sales reps.

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Radius360x App have dramatically improved my business and helped give us an advantage over our competition. Their knowledge of IT & Accounting is unique, and allows us to automate & streamline our operations dramatically. Instead of waiting weeks for information I literally have it the next day..
Joseph H
Indigo Olive have been a tremendous asset to our fast growing company. when our sales were growing quickly and they have been able to help us automate our systems and provided awesome reporting functions so we can manage the business better and stay focused on solving problems and building in other areas. They created a very strong analytics platform that has helped shape the way we view the business and even how we communicate with each other. We are more efficient and get to the root cause of issues quicker so we can start developing solutions. I would highly recommend…
Joe M
It's a pleasure working with them. Their team is knowledgeable, competent and adaptable which is important to us as a small business. I highly recommend them…
They've been super supportive and helpful. Whenever I've had problems understanding anything, the live chat is there to support patiently; they are knowledgeable and friendly. I talk with them often! I can't say enough how helpful they are. I wish I knew how to use all of it. There's always a new function that it can do to save me time. Since I don't have a team, software streamed our functions…
John Robinson
Indigo Software really does automate your business which allows a business to work more efficiently. It also allows a business owner to have a birds-eye-view of all the activity in their business which is crucial for business growth! I got hooked by the features they have added. Love the easy to use and best part of they handle multi state QuickBooks Sync…