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Why Choose Indigo Olive?

Indigo Olive’s flagship product Radius360x is a cross platform mobile app for Apple, Android and Windows. Our ordering, reporting, & digital tracking tools can significantly streamline businesses’ sales & delivery processes. This allows users to place and modify orders on the go even when offline. We have been working with warehousing businesses, wholesalers & distributors for a long time and thoroughly understand the challenges and problems they face in their day-to-day operations.

We offer distributors customized app solutions that improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Indigo Olive aims to automate sales and delivery processes for Small & Medium scale businesses and provide a hassle-free solution in managing your team on the field. We focus on innovation, technology adoption, and building long-lasting relationships through our services. Our sales rep apps make it easier to manage your customer orders with access to live inventory and other supporting features such as BI Reporting, Delivery Route Management, and more.

We are a customer-driven company and believe in delivering high-quality customer support. We don’t just hold your hands at the onboarding but assist you in your daily business needs. We help you focus on other areas that need your attention by automating your entire sales process.



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Indigo software really does automate your business which allows a business to work more efficiently. It also allows a business owner to have a birds-eye-view of all the activity in their business which is crucial for business growth! I got hooked by the features they have added. Love the easy to use and best part is they handle multi state Quickbooks sync.


They’ve been super supportive and helpful. Whenever I’ve had problems understanding anything, the live chat is there to support me patiently; they are knowledgeable and friendly. I talk with them often! I can’t say enough how helpful they are. I wish I knew how to use all of it. There’s always a new function that it can do to save me time. Since I don’t have a team, software streamed our functions.

John Robinson

It’s a pleasure working with them. Their team is knowledgeable, competent and adaptable which is important to us as a small business. I highly recommend them.


Cohen, President Grapevine Distributors: The Radius360x team, is extremely customer service oriented. We have been working with them on Radius360x since February, and they continue to update the system to meet our needs. We have never had to wait for them to get back to us, when there is an issue, or a new idea we have to make the system more streamlined, or informative they do everything in their power to create the updates quickly. Our experience has been very good overall and we look forward to our continued relationship with Radius360x as our all in one stop solution for distribution.

Scott A. Cohen, President Grapevine Distributors:

Radius360x app has dramatically improved my business and helped give us an advantage over our competition. Their knowledge of IT and Accounting is unique, and allows us to automate and streamline our operations dramatically. Instead of waiting weeks for information I literally have it the next day.

Joseph H

Indigo Olive has been a tremendous asset to our fast growing company. When our sales were growing quickly, they have been able to help us automate our systems and provided awesome reporting functions so we can manage the business better and stay focused on solving problems and building in other areas. They created a very strong analytics platform that has helped shape the way we view the business and even how we communicate with each other. We are more efficient and get to the root cause of issues quicker so we can start developing solutions. I would highly recommend it.

Joe M

Radius360x Sales Rep Application

Our flagship sales automation application will assist you from scheduling calls & visits to your retailers, taking new orders, real-time inventory, warehouse management, delivery route optimization and a lot more. We make your sales process hassle free by automating it according to your business needs.

Radius360x Delivery Route Partner Application

By using Radius360x delivery route planner you can quickly calculate the ideal route and adjust the routes by entering additional critical factors. It helps you effectively manage your fleet on ground by collecting damaged goods, loading and picking updates and adding multiple stops for high volume of deliveries.

Radius360x Business Intelligence- Insight Dashboard

The BI Reporting dashboard provides real-time actionable information to effectively run your business. You can make improved sales forecasts & projections by analysing & tracking customer behavior and sales representatives’ performance through graphically represented data.

Radius360x Vendor Depletion

The IOS Vendor Depletion Portal is fully integrated with the IOS Sales Briefcase database to virtually eliminate any application set-up, interface, or implementation costs.

Radius360x E-Commerce Solution

Radius360x provides you with an ecommerce solution for your customers/clients. The customer friendly user interface makes it easier for the customers to place orders.


Yes, it is compatible for iOS. Android and Windows.

Yes, we have search filters so you can find the exact same product from your inventory. You can also use additional filters.

Yes, it can display pictures of the products/ Inventory.

Yes, you can edit orders before submitting.

Yes, it does. Sales rep can place orders while offline. As soon as they come in network it will sync the data to the server.

As many as you want. We don’t have any user limitation.

Yes, we have two-way integration with Quick books.

Yes, you can adjust the price per product.

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