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Integrating Order Processing Software with your 3PL


6 perks of Integrating with your 3PL 

Do you manually communicate order details to your warehouse? If yes, then this article is for you. If you don’t have an order processing software that directly communicates order details to your warehouse, then you are limiting the scalability of your business. You may also face difficulties during peak times. Your order fulfillment process can be improved. Want to know how? Keep on reading to learn more.


What is meant by integrating with your 3PL (Third-party logistics)?

It simply means that you have set up an automated system that sends the order information to your warehouse management system. Order and shipping information is exchanged smoothly between the two systems with the help of integration. Doing so removes the manual work, hassle, and inconsistency in your order fulfillment process. If a business has not yet integrated with their WMS, they are missing out on a lot of benefits. 


Here are 6 reasons why you must integrate with your 3PL partner: 

  • Automation of order entry

Integrating with your 3PL will lead to automation of order entry and remove human touch from the order entry process. The average accuracy of a typist is 92%, however, this number can be improved by quality checking but that consumes too much time and money. We need a fast and accurate solution in today’s world. And why not? Automation will minimize human error and save you time and resources.

You need to develop a system through which your sales resp, customers and you are able to put order details directly into the system. This way you don’t need to employ anyone for order entry. Your ordering, shipping and accounting must be truly integrated with each other to form an efficient system through which accurate information can flow. 

  • Enhanced communication 

Integrating your ordering software with your fulfillment partner’s software enhances communication between the two parties. Better communication ensures that everyone is on the same page, and you can work as a team in challenging times. You cannot manually fill in your warehouse management with order information daily. It would take away precious time and also increase the chances of manual errors in communication. Similarly, you cannot ask your warehouse management to take order information manually from you. This would increase charges that can be easily avoided. An integrated system allows easy flow of accurate information wherever required. Clear communication is the key to happy customers as well because they receive their orders on time. 

  • Improved fulfillment efficiency

Integrating improves your order fulfillment efficiency. It creates a consistent flow in the sending of order details to the 3PL. Sending orders manually to your warehouse limits your efficiency and scalability. You need the extra staff, time, and money to key in orders manually. Integration gives you a smooth flow of information and makes the order fulfillment process accurate and efficient. A full-proof fulfillment process will result in happy and repeating customers and eventually more revenue for you. 

  • Customer satisfaction 

Customers get a lot of benefits when you integrate with your 3PL. They get live updates of their order status & receive timely deliveries. It helps them to avoid out of stock situations. All in all, your customers start getting quality customer experience. And why is that important? Providing top quality CX is essential for winning customer loyalty and increasing revenue for your company. Every brand wants to achieve a loyal pool of customers and 3PL integration is an important step to reach there. 

  • Saves resources

Integration saves you essential resources like time and money. You don’t need to hire staff for order entry and don’t need resources for correcting manual errors too. Clients with more manual processes typically pay higher account management fees to 3PLs. This is because manual processes require additional time and quality checks. Integration removes manual processes resulting in lesser costly order entry mistakes and lower account management fees. Additionally, you don’t need to invest large sums of money in transportation, warehouse, spaces, staff, tracking, etc. as your 3PL partner will provide all that for you. 

  • Real-time picture of inventory 

3PL warehouse management system allows you to get real-time inventory updates. You can give live order status to your customers to enhance their customer experience. Consistent and clear communication with your warehouse management allows you to get picking and loading updates. Another benefit of real-time inventory updates is that you can avoid problems like overstocking or running out of an item.  

Free photo warehouse workers checking inventory and consulting each other about organization and distribution of goods


These benefits are the reasons that you need to integrate with your 3PL. Doing so will set your business up for success as you would get satisfied customers and an efficient order fulfillment process.

Our application- Radius360x has sales, delivery, and warehouse management solutions for your business. We have built solutions that ensure smooth and efficient workflows. Our tools allow you to get a real-time picture of inventory and order status. You can communicate information to your drivers and warehouse without wasting time on manual processes. Schedule a call with us to learn more about how our solutions can help your business grow. All the best on your integration with your 3PL journey. 

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