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Switch from paper to online order taking 


5 benefits of online order taking process

In today’s business world, it is crucial to increase the efficiency and pace of workflows. Moving to digital solutions helps improve productivity and minimize errors. Paper-based processes are not hassle-free, consuming employees’ extra time and creating barriers to real-time data analysis. Switching from paper to online order-taking can prove immensely beneficial for any business. Keep on reading to know more about the benefits of online order taking over paper-based order taking.  


Here are 5 benefits of switching from paper to online order taking: 

  • Real-time data access 

It is impossible to see real-time sale updates using a paper-based sales process. Most of the time, decision-makers don’t have real-time information straight away while using paper. As a result, they can’t get a clear picture of what is going on in the organization at the moment. 

With an online order-taking system, live updates related to sales, inventory, delivery, etc., can be seen and analyzed. Digital processes allow employees to access real-time data from anywhere and anytime, and real-time analysis provides accurate and timely results. Any operational function can be enhanced and made more productive with access to real-time data. 


  • Increased operational efficiency 

You don’t want your employees to spend precious time searching for documents. Besides this, they also have to do double data entry, print, distribute the papers, do manual data checks, and other things. The online ordering system automates all this and increases the operational efficiency of several workflows. Employees can find any record with just a few clicks. All the required information is available immediately, and there is no waste of time and resources. 


  • Better integration 

Suppose you have digital bookkeeping software, and your sales process is paper-based. You need to perform extra steps to feed the information on paper into the bookkeeping software. An online order-taking system can record your bookkeeping entries digitally without hassle. Paper-based processes are a hindrance to smooth integration. While on the other hand, online ordering makes it easy. Integrating your software applications with each other is essential to get the most out of them. Operational efficiency and productivity can be increased drastically with integrated workflows. 


  • Better traceability and reliable backups

It isn’t easy to create reliable backups for paper-based processes. You’ll have to manually store the documents in a safe and organized place or feed all the information into computers. Both of these ways are time-consuming and do not align with the digital transformation the business world is going through. Online ordering allows storing data about all sales orders digitally on the computers of relevant people. Reliable backups can be created automatically without any manual input. With reliable backups come better traceability. You can go back into the records and find out who the salesperson and customer were, what the order was when it was shipped, and the delivery status. 


  • Faster and better order fulfillment 

An online ordering system can create customized catalogs for your customers based on previous sales records. This process will be tedious if you still use a paper-based sales process. Digital order processing is faster than processing orders on paper which means you can fulfill orders faster. The Radius360x sales rep application gives users real-time sales and inventory updates and helps them stay on track with what is happening. It also allows the field sales rep to create customized catalogs for customers. Our e-commerce solution gives your customers the convenience of ordering online with just a click. 


Online order-taking is also much more scalable compared to a paper order-taking process. Digital workflow transformation can help the business earn more profits and lower costs. All companies aim for excellent operational efficiency, and digital solutions help them achieve it. We provide our clients with ordering, reporting, and digital tracking tools that help them streamline their sale and delivery processes. Streamlining and automating processes using our solutions helps our clients in functioning at the speed of their business with increased productivity.  Schedule a demo with us to know more about how we can help you grow your business. 

-by Nivedita Verma

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