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4 Advantages of optimizing your delivery routes


Businesses that need to make multiple deliveries daily often face issues like traffic jams, delays in deliveries, roadblocks, etc. Poor planning of routes may lead to drivers taking longer to reach their destination and increasing costs for the business.

More so, driver salary and fuel expenses account for 59.8% of total expenses per mile. Fleet managers need to consider various factors like traffic, roadblocks, etc. while deciding the delivery routes.

Delivery route optimization is concerned with decreasing driving time. Many firms are unaware of its advantages. Below are 4 advantages of using Radius360x Delivery route planner.

1. Decreased time spent on planning routes and better warehouse management

You can improve the performance of your business by reducing the time spent in planning delivery routes. Doing this manually results in a lot of time consumption.

Our application optimizes your delivery routes so your team can focus on other key areas of the business. The application also gives you real-time updates of your package in the warehouse.

2. More deliveries and collections per vehicle

Reduced delivery time will result in a higher number of per-day deliveries. Effective route planning helps avoid multiple vehicles using extra resources. Using our software can increase your productivity. Our tools help you select the best delivery route for your daily distribution. More deliveries mean more business.

3. Increased on-time arrival rate

By using a tool for optimizing your delivery route, you can save up to 35%-40% time in delivering your goods. This will give you much happier customers and increased customer satisfaction.

With our delivery route application that integrates Google Maps, the best routes can be created quickly. Arrival time can be shortened to maximum efficiency. The feature creates the shortest, most optimized route for your deliveries. Thus, they can be completed in time.

4. Lowered fuel costs.

Less road time means less fuel. By spending less time driving, high savings in fuel consumption can be achieved.
Our software, by giving the best multi-stop route options with minimal traffic and road time, helps you reduce your fuel expenses.

If you decide to just skip the whole process and begin deliveries without proper planning, a lot of vehicles might end up in the same neighborhood. This would be poor decision-making because it increases your costs. Additionally, it decreases your efficiency and reduces your profit. That is why several firms are using automated delivery software nowadays. It helps them achieve greater productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

For more information on the features of the Radius360x Delivery Route application, click here.

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