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B2B Marketing strategies that you don't want to ignore


By Nivedita Verma for Radius360x

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing refers to all the marketing strategies, tactics, and approaches that the companies implement to sell their products in the market to other companies.

This kind of marketing is straightforward and information-driven because B2B purchases are made after thorough research. Companies buy a product after considering factors from several departments/ individuals, unlike B2C purchases which have a more emotional purchase behavior.

B2B marketing focuses on individuals who make purchases on behalf of or for a company/business. The goal is to be persuasive and engaging enough to make the potential customer respond. The B2B buyer’s journey involves 3 stages: Awareness, Consideration, and decision. In this blog, you’ll find strategies that can help your potential customer move from awareness to consideration quicker.

It is also important to understand marketing strategies to keep up with trends, find weak points and stand out amongst the competition.

Here are some marketing trends that you don’t want to ignore:

  • Content Marketing: Just creating content isn’t useful. Intervals of posting, target audience, platforms of posting, type of content, etc. need to be planned effectively for better results. A B2B company should build a proper content marketing strategy that suits them and their customers. Measuring the results of your B2B content marketing strategy in metrics and data is also important. For example, ‘top 10 posts with highest reads’, this way you can create more of what works the best.
  • SEO: Digital marketing has picked up pace in the past few years. Optimizing your content, website, and social media platforms with keywords helps the users discover your company more easily. A Content marketing strategy implemented with an SEO plan is what would enhance your online presence and make you more discoverable. 45% of large companies invest more than $20,000 per month on SEO to make their business easily reach their target audience.
  • High-performance website: Invest in building a proper B2B website that is user-friendly, visually appealing, and all-device compatible. Most business owners neglect this factor but it is equally important as any other marketing strategy. Your company’s website plays a big role in defining your online presence. It also increases the chances of prospect conversion. Up to 83% of potential customers look for websites to get more information about service providers. Robust informative content, powerful CTAs, and targeted offers can drive more leads.
  • Email-marketing campaigns: Boring content-heavy emails that are not personalized according to the reader don’t work in today’s age. Build an effective email marketing campaign that nurtures all the stages of your sales funnel. Create emails that give personal recommendations to your customers and prospects. Personalization matters a lot when it comes to nurturing your leads through emails. Email marketing statistics say that 80% of business professionals think email marketing gives a boost in customer retention rates.
  • Use LinkedIn to drive traffic and increase your online presence: LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B businesses to connect with professionals. This platform requires time and devotion but once leveraged properly, it can yield great results for your B2B business. LinkedIn generates 7X more leads than any other platform and 91% of marketing professionals prefer to use LinkedIn to advertise professional content. LinkedIn can help you post content, engage with your audience more and drive traffic to your website and profile.
  • Referral marketing: Encouraging promoters or past customers to refer a brand, service, or product is known as referral marketing. Referral marketing can be done via word of mouth, influencer marketing, or other referral marketing program. Referral marketing is a great way to generate leads as 84% of B2B sales initiate with a referral. Also, people are 4X more likely to buy a product that is referred to them by a trusted source.

To work out what best works for your business, test various combinations of the different strategies mentioned above. The key point to keep in mind is to keep it original, valuable, interactive, and optimized according to the platforms you are using.

Keep a keen eye to always find ways that make your marketing campaigns unique and different from others. One important thing to keep in mind is to have a plan. Giving serious thought to marketing planning and investing in a good marketing plan is the best thing you can do for your business. You must have a plan for the long run because success in B2B marketing doesn’t happen by luck. Have a plan that connects your audience with your purpose and builds a meaningful relationship.

Lastly, remember to deliver what you promised to your customers because just a good marketing plan won’t work if you don’t deliver value in your goods/services.

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