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Steps to improve the life of your drivers 


Steps to make your drivers’ job easy 

Fleet drivers are an essential part of the order fulfillment cycle. They deliver the goods to the customers and play a major role in customer experience. Fast deliveries are a part of customer experience, and your fleet drivers are the ones who can help you achieve them. Help your drivers to perform better on the field by taking some basic measures. 

It is the management’s responsibility to make the life of the drivers easy. That can be done merely by showing appreciation to the drivers for their hard work or investing in the right tools to help drivers achieve their goal more effectively. You’ll save your drivers from a great amount of frustration by streamlining the order fulfillment process. They wouldn’t need to update you manually on the delivery status or find order details on paper when you equip them with the right tools. Keep on reading to find out more. 


Below listed are some ways in which you can help your drivers to do a better job: 

  • Go paperless:
    Filling out paperwork is a hassle that you can remove from the life of your drivers. Providing them with the right tools can transform the whole order fulfillment process. Paperwork also slows down and extends the delivery time. The Radius360x delivery route partner application makes the whole delivery process paperless. It increases the productivity of your drivers and saves them from filling out paperwork during loading and delivery. They can update completed delivery records after every stop through the application. Trucks can be loaded by scanning items with a camera, and drivers’ delivery plans will determine how each truck will be loaded.
  • Find the most optimized route:
    Automate finding the most ideal route for your fleet drivers. Invest in an application that can generate an optimized delivery route for your deliveries after taking in account various factors such as roadblocks, weather, traffic, congestion, etc. Drivers don’t need to waste their time in traffic anymore. Also, finding optimized routes is beneficial for your customer satisfaction as well as they get timely deliveries. Our application gives you the most ideal multi stop delivery route that is time and cost effective. An optimized route also helps to save fuel. Moreover, our application finds the safest route for your fleet drivers to ensure their safety on the road.
  • Incentivize safe and timely deliveries:
    Customers feel satisfied when your drivers deliver to them on time. You can reward your drivers for timely and safe deliveries. Make an incentive program for those drivers who save on fuel too. Encourage your drivers to cultivate healthy road habits like following the speed limit and not using mobile phones while driving. You can track delivery time, speed, and driver performance with the help of a fleet management software like Radius360x delivery route planner. Incentivizing is a great way to motivate your drivers to fulfill orders on time. Your part is to equip your drivers with the right tool that helps them find the most ideal journey.
  • Show your drivers that you respect them:
    A valued, and respected employee works harder for its employer. Every job position is important for an organization to function and achieve its goals. Drivers play a major role in fulfilling the sales orders your sales reps get for you. Show your drivers that you respect them, and they are valued at your organization. They will be willing to go above and beyond for your company when you recognize them for the part, they play in the order cycle.
  • Encourage them to communicate:
    Another essential step in improving the life of your drivers is to listen to what they have to say. Being field workers, they know the road challenges better than you. Create surveys for your drivers to fill out and be open to feedback anytime they have something to communicate.     


The Radius360x delivery route partner application customizes routes with filters after considering many factors. It takes into account weather, traffic, roadblocks, congestion, etc. and generates the shortest, safest, and ideal route. It also digitizes the delivery process and eliminates paperwork. On top of all those rich features, our delivery route optimizer also allows managers to see the real-time updates of loading and delivery. Schedule a call with us to know more about our solutions and how we can help you.        

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