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Radius360x Mobile Application


Radius360x Comes To Your Pocket With An All-New Mobile App

We have been delivering value to our customers with desktop applications but now Radius360x has come to your pocket with an all-new mobile app.

Indigo Olive’s flagship product Radius360x mobile application is cross-platform across Apple, Android, and Windows. 

We specialize in helping our customers streamline their businesses’ sales and delivery processes. We have built tools that help distributors or wholesalers with ordering, reporting, and digital tracking. 

Greater Productivity With The Mobile App

Want to place and modify orders on the go even when offline? We are here for your rescue. You can manage orders even without the internet on our all-new mobile application.  

The biggest advantage of the Radius360x mobile application would be the ease of using it. You don’t have to worry about having a monitor to manage your business functions. It provides you with full accessibility.

 Handling your business through your mobile gives greater productivity, more data accessibility, and better connectivity. Let’s look at what we offer. 

Radius360x Product Solutions

Indigo Olive aims to automate sales and delivery processes for Small and Medium scale businesses and provide a hassle free solution for managing your team on the field. 

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We offer the following products to streamline your sales functions.

1. Streamline Your Sales Process With Our Sales Rep Application

A sales rep application that aids your field sales rep to deliver the best results. Your sales reps can place orders and view real time sales and inventory updates on the application. You can also customize catalogs for your customers giving each customer a satisfactory experience. Schedule calls and visits seamlessly through the application and also view customer history and order guides. 

Our application can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks and it has in-built integrated cloud connectivity. 

2. Manage Your Fleet On Ground With Our Route Planner App

This app allows you to optimize deliveries routes for your fleet and get the most out of deliveries without wasting resources. It is a multi stop route planner that finds the most cost-effective route for multiple deliveries. 

Additionally, you can go paperless with your delivery management. You can also manage invoices, collect payments and print them through Bluetooth printers and handle everything digitally. Automate truck loading and pick-up easily and also get live updates of deliveries. This application can be integrated with Fintech and VIP. 

3. Make Better Decisions With Our Insight Analysis Dashboard: BI Reporting Tool

We all know the significance of the increasing role of technology in business reporting. It helps decision-makers to save time and make strategic decisions with greater efficiency. 

Our BI tool helps with sales projections and forecasts with the help of AI.  You can generate reports related to employee efficiency, customer, trending products, market trends, and even customized reports. It turns all your quantitative data into understandable reports for better analysis. Our application also contains pre ready report templates for your ease. In simple words, this BI tool is a functionally rich insight analysis dashboard that helps businesses make informed decisions. It turns complex quantitative data into easy to understand reports that are actionable so that quick action can be taken. 

4. Sample Management

Sample products are sent for events, tasting, product launches, etc. But managing the process might  become a highly unorganized and wasteful procedure without a proper system in place. 

Through our application, field sales reps can place sample product orders and request for admin approval of the same. Admins can create a periodic budget for sales reps and coordinate on sampling campaigns effectively. Sales reps can modify orders on the go and also set rebates and discounts on samples. 

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We understand that one solution doesn’t fit all therefore we offer our customers personalized app solutions. Being a customer-driven company,  we put our everyday effort goes into enhancing the value that our customers receive from our product

We don’t just hold your hands at the onboarding but assist you in your daily business needs. We help you focus on other areas that need your attention by automating your entire sales process.

Book a demo with us to know more about how Radiux360x can help you upscale your business! 


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