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UI/ UX Design For SaaS: Importance And Benefits


UI/ UX Design For SaaS: Importance And Benefits

UI/ UX design is not meant for imagery or beautifying the project. It is not meant for large companies only. Each SaaS project must have a good quality UI/ UX so that users get a quality customer experience while interacting with the software.

UI/UX holds immense importance in SaaS. It determines the grade of customer experience and value that your users are getting by using your product. It also dictates your customer retention rate because no customer in today’s age will stick to a product with bad UI/ UX.

Here are 5 benefits of a good UI/ UX design for SaaS:

1. User Friendly Navigation

UI/ UX design for SaaS helps customers to easily find the links to all important information. An application or a site that is not designed in a user friendly way makes it difficult to navigate through necessary info.

A developer can execute the code for your software but a UI/ UX designer makes sure that the software’s interface is as user friendly as it can get. Your product should be adaptable to a variety of screen sizes as users interact with the application through different devices.


2. Enhanced Customer Support

By skillfully integrating a 24/7 chatbot or giving live customer support pop up, SaaS providers can give better customer support. Easily available and quality customer support makes the users stick with your product.

Other UI/ UX enhancements that help customers are in app notifications to fill the knowledge gap, brief tutorials about the project, FAQs, etc. All these customer support tools help companies to retain customers.

3. Helps In Lead Generation

Signup forms are an essential element to get quality leads for a business. A good UI/ UX design ensures that your Call-to-action is placed in a manner that makes it most convenient for your customers to sign up.

Designing your signup form smartly will help you in collecting relevant customer information. Good design makes the color of your button easily differentiable from your background. A good CTA call to action makes for better user experience.

4. Improves User Retention

Customers look for quality and they are most likely to stick with a product only if it provides a smooth user experience. They will drop a product if it is difficult to use. It’s essential to showcase the product’s value to customers and retain them because SaaS service’s success depends on its consumption.

5. Reduce bounce rate

An effective UI/UX design for SaaS will incorporate information on the website in such a way that the users find what they are looking at in the right place and in the right order. Bounce rate is a metric that measures the overall performance of the website in terms of engagement. For example, if the information architecture of the website is not well organized then it is highly unlikely for the user to navigate the website for more than a few seconds. This issue can be fixed with a well planned UI/UX design.


A successful UX solution gives users a frictionless onboarding experience. UI/ UX design makes the application easy to use for the customer and also gives space for customer support. These things will help you to retain your customers.

There remain some myths about UI/ UX design for SaaS that restrict SaaS companies from hiring a UI/ UX designer despite all the benefits. Some people think UI/ UX designing is expensive and they should save on it.

What they fail to consider is- getting a quality UI/ UX design only increases the usability of their product. Other SaaS sellers with small projects think small projects don’t need UI/ UX. This is not right because user experience matters a lot regardless of the size of the project.

Don’t let myths stop you from investing in UI/ UX design for your SaaS project. While you are on the topic of improving your SaaS project, have a look at 5 must haves for saas customer support.

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