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Improve customer loyalty with sales & delivery applications


Personalizing the Delivery Experience: How Sales and Delivery Applications Can Improve Customer Loyalty 

What is the relation between customer loyalty and using sales and delivery applications? Well, sales and delivery applications have a direct and indirect impact on customer loyalty. When you have the right tools to streamline your business, the company’s overall efficiency increases, and you can better fulfill your purpose- to build a loyal customer pool and receive more and more orders. 

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Read below how sales and delivery automation technology can affect and further increase customer loyalty. 


  • Better delivery time 

Sales and delivery applications help you to streamline your processes and save time; this, in turn, reduces the delivery time and keeps your customers satisfied with your fast delivery service. These automation tools aim to make the order fulfillment process as smooth and quick as possible. 

The Radius360x Delivery route planner finds the most optimized route for multi-stop deliveries after considering important factors like traffic, tolls, etc. It also automates truck loading and makes the whole process paperless. You can also update your customers on their order status as you get live updates of where the order is. 

Sales reps application helps your sales team by providing powerful sales force solutions, real-time sales updates, and the feature of making customized catalogs for your customers. It empowers the sales reps to deliver their best customer service to your clients. It saves sales reps time, which they can invest in making strategic sales decisions. They can draw up plans that better suit the needs and wants of your customers, keeping them satisfied and loyal to your business. 

  • Lesser supply chain disruptions 

You face fewer manual errors and unexpected situations when you streamline your processes. You have a track of the overall view of your business operations. With live updates of inventory, you can easily avoid problems like understocking. If you run out of stock frequently because of mismanagement of merchandise, it would be easier to meet your buyers’ demand. They can also view stock availability, reducing the hassle of calling sales reps and confirming. 

Fewer supply chain disruptions mean customers get what they want on time via a smooth process. Consistently fulfilling demands builds a loyal customer pool. Obstacles in the order fulfillment process make your customers unhappy. Equip yourself with the most innovative sales and delivery automation tools possible and make your customers return to you whenever they need to place orders. 

  • Personalization 

Through automation, you can make every customer feel special. Your sales reps don’t need to customize every message for your customers manually; they can automate them. The Radius360x sales rep application allows your sales reps to make customized catalogs for your buyers and maintain customer accounts. The right tools will enable them to get valuable insights into your customers’ preferences, needs, and challenges. Sales and delivery applications help sales reps to provide better customer experience throughout the customer relationship. High-quality experience retains customers and brings in more. 

  • Paperless processes 

Another benefit of automation tools is the elimination of paper processes. Your sales and delivery processes are digitized, and your customers can place orders through customer portals and get paperless invoices. Digitization shows that you are adapting to the current market trends and makes you competitive among other players in the market. Paperless processes are also seamless, reducing the stress of filling out paperwork. The more accessible, fast, and smooth you make your order processing and fulfillment, the better satisfied your customers will be. Not to mention, paperless processes are quick, meaning your buyers get their delivery orders on time. 



The best and least expensive form of marketing is word of mouth. Potential buyers become more compelled to deal with you when they hear you provide an excellent customer experience. That is why building a loyal pool of customers who act as good advocates of your business is essential. You can earn the loyalty of your customers by fulfilling orders on time, reducing errors in orders, eliminating supply chain disruptions, and giving them regular updates about the order status. The Radius360x sales and delivery automation tools will help you in all those aspects. Schedule a demo with our team to learn more. While reading about growing your business, read the order management guide 101.   

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