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Scale your Distribution Business 


5 ways to scale your distribution business 

When you are stuck in one place, you don’t get time for opportunities that can help scale up your business. Running a distribution does not come without challenges, as many moving parts are involved. Distribution businesses face significant sales and inventory management challenges, satisfying customers, time management, and scaling up. Once you tackle these challenges, you get to a stage where you have streamlined workflows, fulfill orders smoothly and timely, and capitalize on opportunities you didn’t get to before. This article talks about 5 strategies that can boost the growth of your distribution business.

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Here are 5 effective ways to scale your distribution business

  • Streamline your order-taking process:
    Streamlining your order-taking process and making it online is one sure way to scale your distribution business. Taking your order-taking approach online will be a great help to your sales team as well as your customers. The convenience factor while placing any order is vitally important for any customer. With an e-commerce platform, you can allow your customers to place their orders without any hassles. Online order-taking also takes off load from your sales team as they don’t have to take calls or visits for orders anymore.
  • Streamline your fulfillment process:
    Your fulfillment process includes the part that occurs after placing the order. It includes inventory, warehouse, and delivery management. Getting live inventory updates, picking, loading, and delivery status is an essential step toward streamlining your fulfillment process. The customer receives live updates of where his order is and is not frustrated due to non-transparency. You also save your office and warehouse team the hassles of making copies, faxing, emailing, or calling about sales updates. Your team would be able to solve problems they couldn’t get to before.
  • Automate workflows:
    The importance of automation cannot be emphasized enough in today’s world. Automating administrative or routine work frees up a lot more time than you can imagine for your employees. Suppose your sales team is always over-busy with daily routine work and is not thinking of innovative sales techniques or building good human relations with your clients. In that case, it is time you invest in automation technologies. Automating your workflows increases productivity and saves time and money. You can automate your sales and delivery processes to a great extent and scale up quickly without hiring a massive number of manual workers.
  • Offline mobile sale app:
    Your field sales team will thank you for this. Can you imagine how much more your sales reps can achieve if they can take and record sales orders on the go? If you have a field salesforce, an offline mobile sales rep application is a must-do investment. It will allow them to view customer history and product prices, generate invoices, record information, and more. In addition, your sales rep would be able to perform their needful duties on the go through their mobile phones even without an internet connection. Equipping them with a mobile application is a way to scale your distribution business. Your field sales team will be able to give you more results while becoming self-sufficient in their jobs.
  • Increase CLV:
    The last and one of the most important ways to scale your distribution business is to increase your CLV (Customer lifetime value). CLV is an important metric that estimates how many sales customers are likely to make throughout their relationship with a company. Every manager must aim to improve the CLV value as greater CLV means more profit for the business. Some practical ways of increasing CLV are: provide high-quality customer support, sell superior (quality-wise) products, make onboarding easy, upsell and cross-sell to existing customers, and keep delivering value to your customers.
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These were some ways for you to scale up your distribution business. Keep scaling up and generating more revenue. We at Radius360x provide small and medium companies with sales and delivery automation solutions. Equipping your employees with vital tools for growth is essential for growing your company. We empower your employees by automating their routine tasks and providing them functionally rich solutions to do their jobs in a better way. We offer distributors with customized apps that improve operational efficiency and productivity. 


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