What we do

Indigo Olive Software is a leading developer of robust, innovative and cutting-edge platforms that provide business intelligence, unprecedented control over work flow, sales force automation, route sales and delivery, and route deliver and management solutions all delivering high value to businesses.

These software solutions integrate seamlessly with a wide array of ERP platforms to allow real-time data synchronization and wider collaboration that will streamline business processes and reduce operating costs. Due to high compatibility, enterprises can effortlessly install Indigo Olive’s software platforms in tandem with existing IT infrastructure and gain higher returns on technological investments. Indigo Olive’s platforms can also operate effectively as stand-alone solutions, if you required .

Indigo Olive’s suite of real-time applications empowers wholesale distribution and supply chain companies to deliver high performance and remain highly competitive. These software products purvey easy wireless access to relevant enterprise data for all off-premises and on-premise personnel either in a connected or disconnected environment. As such, these technologies provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to improve productivity and increase revenue while reducing overall costs.