Order Guide

What is the use of Order Guide and how to add products in Order Guide ?

There is one order guide per customer, where their frequently ordered products are pre-selected for you. In order to view or edit a customer’s order guide: 

  • Go to the “Order Guide “ page
  • Select a customer to view their order guide
  • You can delete an item from the order guide by clicking on a particular item and clicking delete in the pop up. 
  • Click the “Add Product in Order Guide” button to add products to the order guide. 
  • Re-select the customer whose order guide you want to add products to
  • A list of items not already on the customer’s order guide will open
  • Select the product you want to add.
  • Click the “Add Product in Order Guide” button from the pop up 
  • Click the “Order Guide Detail” button to see the final Order Guide, once you have added all desired products to the list.

View the video tutorial below